Get involved

There are many ways to get involved to fight gas.

At the local level, you can join one of the many organisations or collectives fighting gas projects. You can find some of them on our network page.

The Gastivist Collective also needs you! If you want to help our collective to grow, you can check our What can I do? page.

On social media, you can like our Facebook page, share our posts, and do the same with our allies. The gas industry is trying to persuade people that fossil gas is a clean energy. It’s our responsibility to show the consequences of gas extraction and gas infrastructure on people, on their environment and on the climate.

At the global level, there are many days of action and global mobilisations that you can join! The next one is the Global Frackdown, on October 14th, the global day of action against fracking and gas. You can find find more events on our calendar.