PCI Consultation

PCI stands for “Projects of Common Interest” and is a category of projects which the European Union has identified as priority for interconnecting Europe better. As such, these projects can receive public money. The list is currently under revision, and many gas infrastructure projects have applied to be on the list.

This Excel sheet gives arguments against every single one of the projects that have applied to be on the next PCI list.

Fact Sheet “Fossil Gas in my Country” for: 

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus CzechRepublic Denmark Estonia Finland 

France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta 

Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Background information:

EU Fossil Gas Landscape Map small
Interactive Map of the European Fossil Gas Landscape

Background information on Projects of Common Interest (PCI)

Introduction to EU-28 Facts and Figures about Fossil Gas

Regional Fact Sheets:

Climate Hero infographic


Building a gas pipeline or a terminal to import liquefied natural gas today chains us to fossil fuels for the rest of our lives! Instead, we should be building only clean energy infrastructure compatible with the Paris Agreement. EU Projects of Common Interest (PCI) are pieces of energy infrastructure that connect Europe better – in this case with infrastructure for climate-toxic gas. The list is being revised right now! The European Commission knows that gas demand is declining and will need to shorten the current list. This is an excellent opportunity to intervene in this field and get heard with objections! The deadline for the public consultation was on Monday, June 19, 2017. Our submissions were very clear: 88% of submissions rejected ALL gas projects. The ball is now in the court of the European Commission. You can still make an impact by putting pressure on your national government to drop support for the projects in your country.

You are not from an EU country? There is more fossil fuel resistance around the world!