Gasoducto de la Muerte

The “Gasoducto de la Muerte” (Death Gas Pipeline), as it is called by local gastivists, is a proposed pipeline through a geologically instable region along the coast of Chiapas, Mexico which frequently experiences earthquakes, a big one hit in September 2017 with an intensity of 8.1.

USGS Shake Map Intensity Pijijiapan Earthquake 2017grafico_Gasoducto Forbes 2015.png

The proposed pipeline is needed to connect the North American fossil gas grid to that of Central America, making it easier to export fracked gas from the United States, which is one of Donald Trumps priorities. While poisoning his own people he wants to get people in other countries addicted to fossil gas from the US. He needs this piece of pipeline to get the people of Central America hooked on fossil gas, too.

Trump Unleashing-american-energy 20170629.jpg

The pipeline plans were announced in 2015 by then presidents Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico), Juan Orlando Hernández (Honduras) and Otto Pérez Molina (Guatemala). The latter is already in prison for corruption.

Pena Nieto y Otto Perez Molina.jpg
Source: La Jornada: México, Guatemala y Honduras, por un gasoducto para la región centroamericana

Corruption and secrecy has been surrounding the pipeline from the beginning. It is reported that Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht is supposed to build the pipeline. The company has been involved in a series of huge corruption scandals in the oil&gas sector in Mexico.

If the pipeline were built, a rupture and explosion in the occasion of an earthquake cannot be ruled out.

The danger of a gas pipeline explosion adds to the woes of earthquakes if pipelines are traced irresponsibly through geologically instable regions.

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