What can I do?

There’s many many many things you can do to support the fight against gas.

Very concretely:

  • Can you translate? Awesome! We need people to translate parts of this website. Please get in touch with blabla@gastivists.org
  • Are you a bit artistic (music, image, play, …) and would like to support this struggle with your art? Sweet! You can get in touch with art@gastivists.org if you’d like to share your idea(s) or collaborate with an existing project.
  • Do you have a critical journalist inside of you? Nice! We would love to dig in deeper into various of these stories and get the truth out. Let us know where you’re based and/or where you would like to go, and we’ll see from there ;). Drop a line at hello@gastivists.org

Nothing for you in there but you still want to help? Cool! Let’s talk!

Either: send us an e-mail presenting yourself, we’d love to hear everything about you! If you have an idea of how you could or would like to help, we’ll be really happy to know :).

Or: come and meet us! In the agenda we try to update our wherabouts at certain events. Get in touch and hopefully see you soon!

Go-to address: hello@gastivists.org